The highest grade. The most purified flour, which is prepared exclusively from well-peeled grains. Such flour is characterized by a low content of gluten, as well as a large amount of starch. Outwardly it stands out in white with a light milky shade. Often used in cooking, as the baking turns out lush and porous.

The first grade. The most popular option, which allows for a small number of grain shells. Such flour is characterized by a yellowish hue. It is characterized by the presence of a large amount of gluten, which allows you to get a very elastic dough. Ready-made pastries are voluminous and aromatic. Most often, flour of the first grade is used for making not baking pastries.

The second grade. This variant is characterized by a darker grayish color, since a large number of grain envelopes are allowed in the composition. Baking, it turns out lush and porous.

Coat. This option is unclean and is rarely used for culinary purposes.

Krupchatka. This option is allocated a significant particle size. Externally has a pale cream color, and also it is characterized by a large amount of gluten. Perfect for preparing a fat yeast dough.

Extra. This variant is characterized by a low percentage of mineral matter and ash.

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